In search of a development opportunity

We’re actively on the hunt for land for small development opportunities and are interested in and open to ideas of all shapes and sizes, including those where cost and risk could be shared along with profits or property values.

Opportunities we’re thinking about include designing and building two or three Passivhauses to sell on, setting up a joint venture to design and build more or developing a small group of detached/semidetached homes with a combination of private and communal green space, or terrace of more affordable homes on a larger plot in collaboration with the new occupant/owners.

In each case, we’re excited about the potential of a Passivhaus project that centres around the ‘3 Ps’: people, planet and profit.

In the current climate of uncertainty and soaring costs, we’re motivated on two counts:

Firstly, we want to demonstrate that building green as an investment is a viable option, promoting confidence in those who are such projects in future. And secondly, plateauing property prices suggest there should be opportunities and reasonably priced land available, making this a sound time to consider the venture.

So; do you own (or know of) a piece of land you’d like to see developed by an ethical contractor in a sustainable way? Are you a prospective self-builder who’d benefit from the support and partnership of an experienced contractor? Do you know of a situation where a private sale of the land could be contingent on the sustainability, affordability or aesthetic design of the proposed buildings?

If you can answer yes to any of these, we’d love to hear from you!