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Sharing news is an important part of strengthening the community of contractors, designers, and suppliers we work with, and Information gathering is an essential part of the self-build process, which is why we’re always ready to share what we're up to.

Because sustainable technologies and climate friendly methods are advancing all the time, there’s always something new to learn and new questions to ask. If you have any questions you think we might be able to help with, reach out and get in touch – we’re always happy to talk.

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The Cowbyre
We’re currently in the process of undertaking the technical design, costing and project planning for an EnerPHit conversion of a beautiful, listed barn near Bath.
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Words about Charley Brentnall
We were incredibly saddened to hear of the recent death of all-round, timber-technology superstar Charley Brentnall.
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The right move
After 20 years of gradually outgrowing our office space (fondly referred to as “The Cave”), we’ve taken over the top floor of the building from Jeremy of S2 Architects, who’s continuing to work from home in semi-retirement.
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Eastrip Lane: A client’s perspective
Completing a build project might be the end of one journey, but for our clients it’s the beginning of another, even more important one. Our thanks to Clive, our wonderful client at Eastrip Lane, for contributing this piece which discussed life after Greenheart left site.
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In search of a development opportunity
We’re actively on the hunt for land for small development opportunities and are interested in and open to ideas of all shapes and sizes, including those where cost and risk could be shared along with profits or property values.
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Well Cottages and Peartree House
We currently have two in-progress ‘deep green’ retrofit/extension completion, and we’ve observed a number of similarities between the two.
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