Two new buildings built of homegrown Larch
Cherry Orchards, Bristol

A Camphill community on the outskirts of Bristol, Cherry Orchards is a therapeutic community for people with mental health problems, using art and horticulture as part of the therapy process. Greenheart first worked here twelve years previously, constructing the Garden Building.

Working in collaboration with Sally Daniels at Tangent, we were given free rein in terms of detailing and general finish and the end product is a contemporary take on the original Garden Building.

Both buildings – the Horticultural Building and Maintenance Workshops – are built of homegrown Larch from Vasterns Timber.  The Horticultural building has a Gull Wing roof which will be covered in turf.  It also has two underwater storage tanks taking water from the existing barn roof – this water will be used for the polytunnels next door.

Both buildings have wood stoves fitted to provide background heating.